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Frames of a Gospel Worth Living

“I began a search for the central language of human thriving.  What is the lexicon of our deepest and truest lives? What is the path which unlocks the promised unforced rhythms of grace and truly transform a life, a culture, a world? I have come to realize that the old magic is the truer magic.  Deep in the recesses of the Jesus Way (though not as you might have known it) is the sage wisdom to make life.  Listening hard to those wiser than I, what ThirtySixWords proposes are the frames of a Gospel Worth Living.  Every life speaks and there are always the words.  In all I’ve seen, these are the ones that matter.”  - Nick Richtsmeier, Founder of ThirtySixWords

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We start with the ancient words: Scripture itself.  Not as it is so often done--as a proof text for what we already think--but as a challenge to dig back into cultures and myths not ours.  We then run everything through the lens of the life of Jesus.  We know from the Gospels that God is Jesus-like and Jesus is the true Human Being, the First and Last Word.  Then we lastly take all of it and press it into the rhythms of modern life in order to frame up what it means to be human in our day.

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CONNECT TO A Jesus Outpost

The heartbeat of ThirtySixWords happens weekly on Sunday nights.  Denver locals gather to dig into the ancient words, liberate Jesus from his religious trappings, and discover new life together.  We live by a basic premise EAT + TALK + GROW.  


Read and Engage Your Mind

There's lots of blogs out there, sure.  But we've got nothing to sell and we're not trying to make this short and sweet.  If you want to dig in and consider frames of a Gospel Worth Living, its all found on the blog.  Start at the most recent and get lost for hours on end.

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HEAR the Ancient Magic

From coast-to-coast Podcast listeners agree that the the WordCast brings new light to Scripture in ways that are actively being ignored in some of our most "sacred places." Discover the text and its teachers as if hearing it for the first time.

Human thriving begins when we understand the lexicon which every life speaks. From there, the journey opens up a raucous and glorious renovation of the heart.

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A Time-Tested Path for Human Thriving

Human Thriving is more than a catch phrase; it is the center of a Biblical Gospel Worth Living.  It is a recognition of the rich texture of every human identity and how lives are truly renovated. At ThirtySixWords, we have recognized that every identity expresses itself in six frames: HEART, MIND, SOUL, BODY, LOVES, CULTURE. Every move in the transformational journey is made on the playing field of these six frames. The interactions within and among the six make up the opportunity for human thriving trapped within us and nearly vacant in our modern age. We've taken each frame and oberserved them at six inflection points that show up in every life. Six points for each of the six frame, ThirtySixWords every life speaks. ThirtySixWords for a world made new.