Deep in the ancient wisdom of the Jesus Way is a gospel worth living.

We wake up every day wanting a more sacred world: more beauty, more kindness, more wisdom, more hope.  We want it for our everyday moments, the people we meet, the words we live in.  ThirtySixWords exists to remind us all of that longing, the path to find it, and the ability to see it in every word of every life.  To remind us that there are no wasted days, no pointless stories, no irretrievably lost lives.  There is a holiness trapped in every moment and each of the words that every life speaks.


I created ThirtySixWords to contribute to a conversation where we can abandon the safe familiarity of self-help and religion we've known in order to find the wild and revolutionary freedom of the ancient Jesus Way.


We are the product of our assumptions.  Not just our easily identifiable ones, but the emotional and mental maps about ourselves, each other, God and the distance among all of the above.  These frames, heuristics, are making our decisions for us every day and throwing is into loops where the narratives of our lives and our communities seem to rumble on repeat.  In this cycle, faith, hope and love--the transformative triad which draws all creation to God--are invisible to the lenses we see the world through.  ThirtySixWords is an attempt to entice us to examine our assumptions, our narrative loops, and to open our hearts to a way of spirituality that is both older and fresher than the patterns we have become accustomed.  

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I hope that we think.


I hope that we feel.


And then I hope we surrender both and see what happens.

- nick d. richtsmeier


While what I write and share may at moments lack the familiar "go and do this" to which we've become accustomed, that is for a reason.  We have become obsessed with applying, with doing, with progressing, and that bias for action has made us slaves to our unreflected-upon assumptions and fears.  When I am asked what I am after, I often say, "I hope that we think.  I hope that we feel.  And then I hope that we surrender both and see what happens."  I believe that in modern words, this is something very close to the ancient way of Jesus.


Much love,

- n.