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No Destinations; Only Seasons

There are no destinations.  Only seasons.  And for this season we are here. If this affirmation of the truth frightens you, brings out condescension or disdain, if you feel as though “we have better things to do than be here and now,” than you can know that you are much like I am, having absorbed the cultural values that are driving us all further down a road to destinations we don’t even understand.

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SOUL: The Attractions and Aversions that Define Us

This question of the lines (more like fuzzy fogs) where one of us ends and begins is what we—in ThirtySixWords jargon—call SOUL.  Soul is a notoriously tricky word because it is used in such multivocal ways, even in the Bible.  It is sometimes used to refer to the deepest part of person (what we call HEART), sometimes used to encompass the emotions, and sometimes is used as we use it here, to define something more amorphous and fluid: the sum total of our acquired personality and character.  We find it easier to grasp not that you have a soul (an immaterial object that you own which may or may not live on into eternity) but that you are a soul which is being made and defined by your drives, passions and interactions with the world around you.  In short, the SOUL is your deep HEART made public.

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