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5 Steps to Difference-Making

We live in a time of unprecedented calls for action. As the internet and the democratization of digital media have afforded us access to a globe of problems and voices to attune us to those problems, we are awash with should-do passions.  If you traffic in social media, you cannot go 24 hours without someone (usually with some urgency) pressing you to join their cause, repost their meme, change your ways.  Apparently the world is very awry and well should be terribly worked up about it.

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No, Seriously, Love Your Enemies

Extensive writing has been done as to which side of this election people of faith should stand on.  There are blogrolls the size of the Great Library at Alexandria on what “true” pro-life means, and even more so on the relative merits or lack-thereof of various political candidates, candidates’ spouses and candidates’ confidants’ sexual exploits.  You can easily find strongly worded essays, tweets and podcasts on the role of the Supreme Court in religious liberty, justice for refugees through the actions of the State and the important role that misogyny and latent racism has played in this election and every other in human memory.  I am happy to say that I have nothing to add to all of this. Nothing.

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