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The Prayer Which Has Made All the Difference

As I have learned in so many ways through this last decade of my life, the only “you” you get is the one you’ve got.  The one sitting here reading this.  With all of her regrets, goals and demands for being better sooner. The Now You is the only you.  The Past You was not as you remember it (you’ve written a story about that person which justifies your present reality) and The Future you as imagined will never exist, because you have written only a handful of potential options into your imagined narrative… when there are literally an infinite number of quantum possibilities.

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Attending to Expectations

IMAGE is central to the personal mark we leave in the world. How we understand it and what we do about it are the beginning of a journey into the heart and back out again.  As we've said all year (all three weeks of it so far...) 2017 is all about a journey into the heart and back out again.  Getting into the heart is the hard part, we've got so much defense and protection and persona built up to hide behind.  There's just so much IMAGE.  But what happens when our attempts to manage our image and other people's response to it is brought into the light? 

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