Attending to Expectations

This week on the WordCAST we are dealing in the question of IMAGE.  One of the official THIRTYSIXWORDS and part of each person's CULTURAL frame, IMAGE is central to the personal mark we leave in the world. How we understand it and what we do about it are the beginning of a journey into the heart and back out again.  As we've said all year (all three weeks of it so far...) 2017 is all about a journey into the heart and back out again.  Getting into the heart is the hard part, we've got so much defense and protection and persona built up to hide behind.  There's just so much IMAGE.  But what happens when our attempts to manage our image and other people's response to it is brought into the light? 

Every part of our story is transformed when it is exposed to the presence of Jesus.  This little IMAGE Attentiveness Exercise which we practiced at this week's TRIBE, is a helpful tool to recognize your impulse to present an image, and a meditation to invite Jesus into the experience.