Wisdom and Light for All

A Poetic Restating of the First Chapter of the Gospel According to John

In the beginning was WISDOM:
WISDOM was alongside God and WISDOM was God.
The One was alongside God in the beginning.

ALL came into being because of The One,
and NONE came into being independently.

In The One was living vitality,
the vital LIGHT of all humanity,
the LIGHT reveals the darkness,
and the darkness cannot overcome The One.

A human being sent out from God (identified as John) arrived as a testimony,
So that he could testify about the LIGHT
So that ALL might knowingly trust because of him.

This one was not the LIGHT
So that He could testify about the LIGHT instead.
The real LIGHT, which enlightens all humanity, was arriving within the COSMOS.
The One was in the COSMOS.
The One brought the COSMOS into being, and yet,
The COSMOS didn’t perceive The One.

The One arrived to his place,
And his own people didn’t accept The One.

And then so many received, knowingly trusting the true identity of The One.
He granted them authority to come into being as God’s children, conceived:
Not by genes,
Not by human passion,
Not by a man’s intent,
Instead, by God.

In all this, WISDOM came into being as a human person,
and made a home with us.
We have experienced the True Essence,
The Essence of The One and Only
The One alongside the Father
Overflowing with Truth and Beauty.

John testified about The One by shouting:
He has been The One I told you:
The One arriving after me came into being before I:
Because The One is the primary “I AM",
Because out His overflow ALL receive endless BEAUTY,
Because religious rule was provided through Moses,
While Truth and Beauty are provided through the Annointed Jesus.

Until this, no one has focused on God,
The One and Only,
The One alongside the Father,
The One fully revealed.