The Center of the Maze

center of the maze.png

A Reflection from the Greek Text of I Peter 3:8-12

When it all comes down -

       have a focused mind,

           in tune with each other

           loving from the gut

           humble to your core.

You don't own anyone trauma

      for the trauma you've known

           no making them small

                for the smallness you feel

Gratitude is your identity, a gift for your benefit.

Delight in perfect love and life

Keep watch for good days

       with nothing bad to say

       and no need to conspire

       with wickedness behind you

       and generosity your aim.

At the center of the maze is tranquility;

       chase after it.

His eternal eyes watch your innocence,

      His ears listening to your frailty

      His face attentive to your burdens.

So let it be; Amen.