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Every Life Speaks.

It is tempting to enter the drama of what is stake in the world slowly.  To ease you, my dear reader, into it, like a 18-month-old child into the zero-entry end of the pool.  To one vantage point this seems the kind thing to do, until you realize that this easing our way into things is exactly how the frog got himself boiled. The heat of the world turns itself upon on slowly, barely noticeable to our drifting selves, until we are inundated with the heat and friction of lives gone wrong with seemingly little do about it, and the saving ledge of that boiling pot is so far away.

For this reason, we must, as with anything that matters, jump into the deep end of the pool.  We must be caught up in a twister, walk through the wardrobe, fall down the rabbit hole, take the red pill. 

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