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Not Swallowed in the Sea

There are short roads that seem long and long roads that seem short. Such is the way with travel I suppose, it all depends on the size of steps we’re taking and the weight of pack we’re carrying. Sometimes, we, with grand energy, take long strides into the future believing in something that we cannot see. And sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we take small steps that are more like stumbles, so miniscule that the headwinds we face seem to simply push us ceaselessly back into the past. The loads we carry ever heavier and the road ever longer. They say the journey of a million miles begins with a single step…but more often, and even ever so lately it has not been so. It has been the journey of a mile that couldn’t be completed even with a million steps. And to you out there, to whom it may concern, we are oh so tired from walking.

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