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Until the Doors of God Are Thrown Open

How shocked many modern day church-goers would be to discover that their deific notions of God have more to do with ancient pagan philosophy than Biblical Christianity. The institutional church of the first centuries (primarily in conjunction with Emperor Constantine) tried to pour the infinite fluidity of the Trinitarian God into the stoic stone container of the Greek’s god in the sky. And as time has passed, to most card-carrying Christians, the container is all they now remember.

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Room For You

The holidays, beginning in earnest this week, are a notorious time for overcrowding and isolating. While media and marketing (not the least of which the church's) announce this is a time of togetherness and family, very little is said of what all this focus on togetherness costs us. For many of us family is a reminder of how crowded the table is (does anyone really notice if I'm here at all?) or empty it is... for hundreds of thousands the holidays are seasons of literallty or figuratively dining alone. 

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Creating a Terrible God

As I engage with people over the years, I find that there is little about God which draws out more confusion and emotional milieu than the concept of God as Father.  For most people, this is in part because they start with “Father” as they’ve known it and then apply this frame to God. Of course, like any title which we start with our own definitions of and then expect God to fit the confines of our expectations, the frame bursts with failed containment early and explosively. This failure of God to meet our expectations, unfortunately, rarely leads us to reconsider the expectations we’ve levered against Him. Instead we blame the Monet for not fitting within an ill-measured frame. 

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Did Jesus Come to Forgive Sins?

A Look at Atonement through the Words of Mark

I have been spending the last 4 months with a committed group of 12-15 folks who are working through the Gospel of Mark as a committed spiritual practice intended to open us up to the transformational work of Jesus.  This effort has been rich and multi-dimensional and reminiscent of similar journeys I have taken through this exact text with other groups in the past.  At certain points in the journey I will take a moment and consider the implications of Jesus' actions and Mark's explanation of them.

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