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Faith Community, Re-imagined

For all my life I have believed that what I experienced in institutional church barely scratched the surface of all that God had in store for humanity.  I believed that the fight for right dogmas, right behavior, right structure, was too often an inhibitor instead of an accelerator of spiritual vitality deep in the human heart and in human culture. I had no idea why I believed this, though today I know that any sense of it was pure unearned grace.  And I know many of you who traverse this blog feel the same way.  I invite you to consider that we might all be on the cusp of something truly possible, a fresh expression of community and life as the constraints of the 20th century Christian institutions implode and decay around us.

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The Sacred and the Profane

In my normal day life, I do an unconventional mix of marketing management, corporate training, project development, vendor relations and unofficial spiritual direction, all under the heading of Chief Operating Officer.  I rarely use THIRTYSIXWORDS to talk about my professional life, not because they aren’t interrelated, but because I struggle in the same war as so many of you: the fight to compartmentalize and put things in boxes. It is my instinct, like yours, to separate life into (seemingly) controllable frames. And from those frames keep my mashed potatoes from getting gussied up by my peas and carrots. I seek to divide good and evil and in controlling the categories of the sacred and the profane I, like you, seem to keep the edges from getting too loose. And isn’t control what it’s all about after all?

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