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How to Trust a Sermon

Because so much of my writing and podcasting as well as the teaching in TRIBE are deeply Scripture-centric, I am often asked how to recognize a Sunday sermon as theologically sound.  It is a difficult question, no doubt, becacuse the deeper you go with truly reliable Scripture study methods, the more the proof-texting and quicky applications so prevalent in today’s mega-churches and would-be mega-churches (isn’t that everyone’s aim these days?) ceases to resonate. Recognizing the Bible’s slow and steady pace to the margins of American religious life, I felt it was time to start answering this question for us all.

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The World Is Wide Enough

I slept late this morning, through my wife's alarm, through the sound of kids waking and asking to have their bums wiped.  Hard sleep.  When I finally broke to the morning, my wife stopped by the bed and gave me a firm embrace.  

"I just wanted to do that because everything in the world is so wrong."

I wept a little.  For at least the 15th time this week. I wept because she was right and I wept because she was wrong. Right in that so much had gone wrong, but wrong in the since that there was still space--I hoped--for so much to go right. 

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No, Seriously, Love Your Enemies

Extensive writing has been done as to which side of this election people of faith should stand on.  There are blogrolls the size of the Great Library at Alexandria on what “true” pro-life means, and even more so on the relative merits or lack-thereof of various political candidates, candidates’ spouses and candidates’ confidants’ sexual exploits.  You can easily find strongly worded essays, tweets and podcasts on the role of the Supreme Court in religious liberty, justice for refugees through the actions of the State and the important role that misogyny and latent racism has played in this election and every other in human memory.  I am happy to say that I have nothing to add to all of this. Nothing.

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