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Ethnography: Understanding your Family Fabric

Family. We all have one. Adopted, only-child, parent grandparent, estranged son, regardless of how we feel about it how much time we spend with them, holiday traditions or Thanksgivings alone, our families are part of the rich relationship network that is making us who we are. No one right answer for everyone.  Family’s are often the venue for our most traumatic moments of isolation and abuse as well as some of our most ecstatic experiences of joy and connection.

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The Man for the Dream.

Joseph is a popular Old Testament hero. He had a technicolor coat, looked vaguely like Donnie Osmond, and seemed to find himself in shackles a lot. His story ends with him COOing one of the largest empires the ancient world ever saw in Egypt… a right hand man, long before Hamilton did so for Washington. (There are so many Broadway references here, it’s almost ridiculous.) At any rate, I suspect one of the reason’s Joseph, son of Israel, is a favorite character is because he appears to hold out one of our culture’s highest attributes: dreamer.

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The 100 Years' Game

My first memories as a child are of my dad at church. He was the volunteer youth leader in the late 70s and early 80s at a small rural church in the unrecognized corner of the world in which I grew up.  In my mind, he is dressed in tube socks, all-too-short shorts and a T-shirt, playing basketball, sitting around a campfire, caring for teenagers. Telling them about Jesus.  

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