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Most of the Time

So many of our stories hold onto us longer than we'd want.  As we face resurrection day, we must remind ourselves that the loss of the old life and the rising of the new is not license for amnesia.  Being made-new in Christ doesn't mean forgetting the past.  It means remembering it in light of what we now know to be true.  All our stories are vague generalities--most-of-the-times--which we inflict on every new day that rises.  Resurrection Day (Easter) is the reminder that there is an "all of the time" story which doesn't erase, but re-interprets the most-of-the-times we are so busy remembering. 

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The Prayer Which Has Made All the Difference

As I have learned in so many ways through this last decade of my life, the only “you” you get is the one you’ve got.  The one sitting here reading this.  With all of her regrets, goals and demands for being better sooner. The Now You is the only you.  The Past You was not as you remember it (you’ve written a story about that person which justifies your present reality) and The Future you as imagined will never exist, because you have written only a handful of potential options into your imagined narrative… when there are literally an infinite number of quantum possibilities.

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Mind: The Thoughts and Perceptions that Inform Us

The frame of the SOUL triggers our BODY into action or inaction. The frame of the HEART drives all our our prevailing narratives, impulses and will to exist. In between the SOUL and the HEART is the translation center of the MIND: life’s incredible tool for extracting meaning, interpretation and theory out of the rich and various experiences of life and how we respond to it.

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