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Wars and Rumors of Wars

I spend a lot of time weeping on planes.  Well, not A LOT of time, but I think it happens to me well beyond what could be considered normal.  I suspect the causation of this bizarre behavior (I’m usually flying alone) is a concoction of how isolated I feel when I’m traveling, my commitment to listening to the most personal and most inspirational of my music library while I’m flying, and that travel often means I’m on my way to something I love or something I loathe.  Regardless, I have learned—in the company of strangers—to let the tears roll. 

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5 Steps to Difference-Making

We live in a time of unprecedented calls for action. As the internet and the democratization of digital media have afforded us access to a globe of problems and voices to attune us to those problems, we are awash with should-do passions.  If you traffic in social media, you cannot go 24 hours without someone (usually with some urgency) pressing you to join their cause, repost their meme, change your ways.  Apparently the world is very awry and well should be terribly worked up about it.

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The World Is Wide Enough

I slept late this morning, through my wife's alarm, through the sound of kids waking and asking to have their bums wiped.  Hard sleep.  When I finally broke to the morning, my wife stopped by the bed and gave me a firm embrace.  

"I just wanted to do that because everything in the world is so wrong."

I wept a little.  For at least the 15th time this week. I wept because she was right and I wept because she was wrong. Right in that so much had gone wrong, but wrong in the since that there was still space--I hoped--for so much to go right. 

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