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No Destinations; Only Seasons

There are no destinations.  Only seasons.  And for this season we are here. If this affirmation of the truth frightens you, brings out condescension or disdain, if you feel as though “we have better things to do than be here and now,” than you can know that you are much like I am, having absorbed the cultural values that are driving us all further down a road to destinations we don’t even understand.

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The Man for the Dream.

Joseph is a popular Old Testament hero. He had a technicolor coat, looked vaguely like Donnie Osmond, and seemed to find himself in shackles a lot. His story ends with him COOing one of the largest empires the ancient world ever saw in Egypt… a right hand man, long before Hamilton did so for Washington. (There are so many Broadway references here, it’s almost ridiculous.) At any rate, I suspect one of the reason’s Joseph, son of Israel, is a favorite character is because he appears to hold out one of our culture’s highest attributes: dreamer.

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