Why do we do what we do? The answers are complex and multitudinous, but the are readily accessible.  When we begin to understand how we are interacting with ourselves and the world around us the causality of our actions becomes clearer.  But self-understanding is not the central aim.  Our hearts can be changed, our wills transposed and in the end--the decisions we make completely redesigned.  This isn't a self-help project as you've been told.  It is the renovation of the spirit that can only be initiated by an act of external grace.  The THIRTYSIXWORDS LEXICON and the WORDS GYRE are our most comprehensive tools to explore this experience.  They exist to understand the words both individually and (more importantly) how they affect each other. We are WHOLE PEOPLE and everything affects everything else. 

These tools are a short hand for the longer Journeys we all must take.  THIRTYSIXWORDS exists to give you resources and tools for the journey which we break down into 5 parts:

  1. Longing: Where Desire Can Lead Us
  2. Deconstruction: Being Pulled Apart at the Seams
  3. Engagement: Leaning into Possibilities and People
  4. Grief: Acknowledging the Beauty of Loss
  5. Renovation: Being Filled in at the Empty Places