a place to grow stories.

Not long after I sat down and started putting pen to page writing and framing up the THIRTYSIXWORDS Lexicon, did I start to imagine the kinds of forums by which the LEXICON would have its greatest effect. I saw warm and friendly rooms full of students of transformation. Some there for a couple hours, some for weeks, some for months. People, young and old, who pulled away from the rhythm of life which enslaved them, to find the liberation of the Spirit working through them.

Of course there is no shortage of camps and retreat centers in the world, particularly here in Colorado. But my dream for Lexicon Farms is different. I dream of a place where groups can gather for a couple of hours on a Wednesday night for Bible study, or for a whole Saturday for a day of silence and solitude. I dream of carefully appointed guest rooms, every detail considered so that kids on gap year, or mid-career divorcees can spend a few months working, imaging and learning under the clear structure of a way to wholeness.

I dream non-profit teams and business leaders and church professionals pulling away from the infrastructure which can entrap, to find the liberation of open air, running streams, and flowing fields. I long for us all to find our HEARTS reinstated into our BODIES, reconnecting the spiritual to the physical all in a systematic journey to a full life.

This is the dream of Lexicon Farms. Today there is no land, no buildings, (no money!)... just an imagination that deserves, like the THIRTYSIXWORDS on which it stands, to be put pen to page. And in doing so, open up the possibility that we might become the people worthy of such a dream.