Our heart can’t translate the world on it’s own, it is dependent on the mind.  Here our constructs of reality, our memories, our feelings and aspirations interpolate to communicate to the heart and help the heart communicate to the world. But our thoughts stray and our feelings deceive.  Absent of the penetrating reality of beauty, truth and love the mind waits for reformation, skewing our heart’s words all along the way.

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Belief is how we organize the unknown.  Because we are inherently creatures of limitation, the expanse of our knowing can only take us so far, and in place of facts, the mind must fill in the gaps with beliefs, held truths that explain the unexplainable.  Our beliefs tend to take notes from the stories we've written about the past, trying to give validation to the interlocking cycle of our passions and wounds.

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As go through the days of life we begin to develop of sense of the repeatable and try to organize it into meaningful constructs.  We develop rules for the esoteric like "Justice" or "Generosity," "Evil" or "Suffering." These concepts slowly become ripe with meaning in our minds and attempt to replace the less defensible stories of our life which created them.

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If belief is how we organize the unknown, knowledge is how we organize that which we think we know.  They say "Knowledge is Power," and this is mostly true.  In reality, knowledge is a grasp for power which sometimes succeeds and sometimes doesn't.  It is the minds attempt to force as much of life into reasonable categories. The more reasonable the world, the less reason we have to be afraid.

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Because the mind sits between our wild hearts and the sometimes harsh winds of the world, some part of it exists to measure the difference between the two.  Emotions are the barometer of the mind, telling us what is happening in the weather. They tell us when we perceive danger (fear), a rich in contentment (joy), sense a perceived injustice (anger), and all the rest. But emotions measure reality through the translator of our beliefs, knowledge and constructs.  And for that reason, don't always speak the truth.

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A multitude of things affect how we respond to the interaction of our heart's passsions and wounds, but the first one is ability.  Every life begins with strengths in one direction or another.  The combination of nurture and nature that generates this ability mix is left for greater minds, but in the end, how we decide to respond to the experiences of our formation them is first decided by how we are best able to respond.

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Memory is how we choose to organize what happened.  It is imbued with the biases of our narratives and the promises of our commitments.  We remember what we value.  Though memory is inherently subjective, we organize it in an attempt to find truth, giving firmness to our knowledge and our constructs, providing legitimacy to our beliefs.