A Jesus We Can Stomach

Evangelicalism merged a Jesus caricature with the American vision of security and self-worth. By making the American Dream sound like God’s dream, church leaders were able to ignore the Jesus of the Gospels and offer church-goers a believable placebo to the vertigo effects of a world gone terribly wrong.

Quitting the sugar pill Evangelicalism offers, instead engaging the ancient Jesus way feels—to many—like high-risk prescription, and therein lies the power of the status quo.

Evangelicalism BOTH took Jesus to the masses AND undermined the life-altering impact of that Jesus. To move beyond where we are, that BOTH/AND must be center stage. The result today is a culture from Athiests to Born-Agains who believe they have thoughtfully accepted (or rejected) the Jesus of Christianity. This is like saying I know I hate Italian food because I won’t eat Chef Boyardee.

The result? The life of Jesus, so critical to the transformation of our hearts, minds, souls, bodies, and cultures, so essential to reordering what and how we love, is left behind. The real thing replaced by an Animoji.