Nick Richtsmeier

Curator and Founder

"I searched for a story worth living only to realize the story is made worthy by living it. I am a husband, a father of sons, an innovator executive, and searcher."

Some stories readily present their central thesis, while others, take a little time and attention to find the plot. Nick Richtsmeier's life would more accurately fall to the second.

Nick grew up in the smallest of small towns in north central Iowa, graduating top of his class of a whopping 33 students. His parents were deeply involved in their local community church which was literally one block from his front door.  A bucolic little bedroom town filled with soft-hearted and leather-skinned folks, Steamboat Rock became the fertile ground where Nick first encountered Jesus, which would become the love affair of his life.

Nick spent four years in a life-altering stint at Central College in Pella, Iowa, which Nick would attribute to being the most formative years of his life, in no small part to being an integral player in the InterVarsity chapter there which (at the time) was the largest in the country. He continued his educational/formation pursuits by enrolling in a co-op program shared by Bethel University and Willow Creek Community Church. At the time, Willow Creek was the renowned epi-center for forward-thinking church strategies, Nick's initial attraction to the Masters in Transformational Leadership Program there.

But it wasn't church growth that would, in the end, be the fruit of his three years at Willow. Through the mentoring of Sheryl Fleisher, Nancy Ortberg, Steve Gillen, Jarrett Stevens and a host of other sacrificial leaders, Nick saw that the greatest journey of all is that of the deep human heart toward redemption and freedom through the infinite love of God. The combination of his inspiration through InterVaristy at Central and the transformational learning he received inspired Nick and a team of 25 others to launch a church incubator and leadership development institute in Denver, Colorado called Radius.

Radius ended up being short-lived, lasting only two years, and was wrought with hard-knock lessons. The greatest blessing of that time was Nick's marriage to his beautiful wife, Wendy, who has been his source of strength and stability ever since.

Taking an unexpected career change, Nick entered the world of financial services and through the fast-growth opportunities of Trilogy Financial and his own ingenuity became Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of a mulit-million dollar firm less than a decade after starting at an entry-level position. A position he holds to this day.

Since then, Nick has brought his creative mind and heart to the work of helping others find their path. Whether it be through the mentorship of his staff, opportunities to serve in local church communities or simply the joys of deep friendship, Nick has honed is his commitment to the deeper journey of finding our true life in the inter-relation of the Trinity. This fruits of this journey is best expressed as a freedom to love our neighbor and our enemy while still retaining our unique sense of identity in God.

Out of this has come Nick's life's passion: to see people discover the infinite life available through total surrender to the Triune God. His theological foundations are a blend of Anabaptist, Anglican and Contemplative streams of faith, believing to His core that the "Religion" box we check on the census form has very little to say about who we are or the life we may find in God.

Today, he lives happily in Foxfield, Colorado just outside the Denver Metro Area with Wendy and their three handsome sons: Evan, Grant and Cole.