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TOUCH: What Moves the Story Forward

Religious circles are prone to discussing the importance of Jesus' miracles.  Many of them use these massive events as a proof that He was God.  But the stories themselves do nothing of the sort.  They doing something BETTER.  The miracle of Jesus is that He waltzed into real life, and engaged in the experiences of real lives and transformed them forever.  Where far too little work has been done is HOW.  Until now.  This week's WordCAST explores the power in a miracle and what we can all learn in the process.

We have been running from our physical lives for all of these years, what happens when we return to embodied living? Does our soul come alive in the process? I think you'll be enthralled with the answer. I think, as you'll hear in this week's WordCAST, you may just see the very FACE of GOD.

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