CAUSE: The Question of Making a Difference


We live in an Age of Passion.  From the pet causes of celebrities, the peppering of messages on social media, to the real injustices that are stirring hearts and minds... we have never lived in an age where we had more access to more information on how to make the world a better place.  But why doesn't it work? Or work better?

If you've ever wondered how to swim through the sea of all the potential causes to get behind and also how to engage differently to really make a difference, this week's WordCAST is for you. 

The Podcast this week includes:

  • A reflection on our Age of Passion and why we're all so stinking fired up
  • A remarkable glance through ancient wisdom that completely changes our view of making a difference.
  • And a look at the 5 Stages of Difference Making, how to recognize them and how to move them when you find your heart broken for what breaks the world.