FAMILY: The Love We Knew & Didn't

You are who you are in the context of the loves you’ve known and are knowing.  We cannot say this with a greater level of seriousness.  This is why the New Testament, in announcing the inauguration of God’s New Creation, draws all our attention on LOVE as the fabric of existence.  Because Love is the plane on which our souls, bodies, hearts and minds connect with the objects of their affections.  It’s how we find each other and are found.  It is the heart of the search for Us.  And our first sense of this network, this blanket of relations which stretches across time and space was our family. In this deep and reflective episode of the WordCAST:

  • A reminder of why relationships matter so much and why we can't get rid of them, no matter how hard we try (a little quantum physics on the side.)
  • The story of Hannah, clash of her sense of family and how a surrender to a deeper relation changed everything
  • A step-by-step guide into breaking down and prayerfully engaging your family tree.  A new view in the power of love to reframe our sense of who we are