GRACE: Living in Love

I created THIRTYSIXWORDS to have a forum in which to bring is back to the old wisdom.  As the Way of Jesus has been modernized, marketed, dissected and over-simplified in the western tradition, we have a faith system full of words that have lost all of their old meanings.  Perhaps pinnacle of these is this week's word: GRACE.

This week's WordCAST goes straight for the jugular of what we think God is up to, by looking at one of God's most confused and misused messengers: the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans.  By taking the risk to imagine that God's infinite perfect love, the essence of the Trinity imparted on humans is the big story of Grace, and by daring to believe that the way that we might have known this is only the beginning, we enter into a drama that is as old as humanity itself. And is equally ripe for a renovation of New Life.  This is one WORD by which we will know or not know all the others.


Nick Richtsmeier

Nearly 20 years ago Nick set out into adulthood with the clear personal mission to discover and create ways for people to find their own hearts and the heart of God and where between the two may meet.  His road has taken him through professional ministry, white collar industry, career mentoring, life-coaching, blogging and everything in between.  Along the way, Nick's passion for the clarion necessity of a better way to live, to engage, to embrace the Divine and to look ourselves in the mirror has only been honed and sharpened.

A passionate communicator, deep thinker and lifelong contrarian, Nick finds his deepest joys in his marriage to Wendy and fathering his three sons, Evan, Grant and Cole.  After a lifetime of looking for meaning, Nick has come to a fundamental conclusion which he states succinctly: "I searched for a story worth living and then I realized that the story was made worthy by living it. I am a husband, a father, a businessman, and searcher."