IMAGE: What Are We Trying to Prove?

An open door awaits us to let go of living by expectations.  Enter in.

It's time to pay attention, 2017. Not to the headlines, not to the social media feeds but to our own impulses, goals and dreams.  The common logic is that if you believe it you can achieve it. But at what cost? And is "IT" even worth what you'll pay? This year, before things get too out of hand, let's start down the road of price-shopping our dreams and understanding that their are two channels to life, one that leads to proving and one that leads to living.  The Jesus Way is remarkably clear which side of ledger it lands on... now it's up to us to decide. This week's WordCAST includes:

  • A look at goals and why they sometimes harm us rather than help us
  • A deep dive into Paul's letter to the Galatians and what he means by "it is for freedom that we have been set free."
  • On MLK week, a doubling-down on Dr. King's legacy of open doors and a unified family for all people.
  • AND... (as always) a practical framework for decision making, how do you know when to say yes to an opportunity.

All this week!