Introduction to Agency

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What are we made for? - It all starts with Purpose

2017 rushes forward with a foundational question that drives every decision we make. If we don't know what makes a great life, and collectively what our presence on the world is for, we're going to get lost along the way, caught up in the powerful forces of governments, communities, corporate cultures and broken family histories. But WE DON'T HAVE TO. This week's content includes content includes:

  • A real-life example on how the cultures we've lived in are making decisions for us. Can we break free and find connection?
  • A look at Genesis' creation story like you've not experienced it. See for the first time how the endless debates on human origins have distracted us from the text's true purpose.
  • A view into why we say EVERY LIVE SPEAKS and how its the foundation for every decision we make about each other and ourselves.
  • AND... (as always) a risky invitation to start writing new stories in 2017. You won't want to miss it.

FYI - Episode 1.2 had a few audio issues, but we didn't want to delay it any further. Hope you enjoy!