What's Love Worth?

To love something is to give it worth and to be made worthy by it. Relationships make us and relationships break us. And it is time that we attended to them as something more than just one more thing on our self-improvement campaigns.  Our LOVES are the conduit system that runs through a person. It vents values, feelings, connection, knowledge and perception into and out of the heart, mind and soul. Translating human interaction into meaning and translating meaning into human interaction.  What we love tells us what is worthy of attention and that attention informs our sense of self, sense of the world, even our sense of universal questions about God and the problem of evil.  Quantum physics has even revealed that the identity of a thing is really just the sum of its relationships: so it is with love: we are what we love and what loves us.

On this week's WordCAST:

  • A thoughtful exploration of our cultural ideas of love and what it says about our hearts
  • A reflection on two familiar Gospel stories which are really one, and what we find when we see them side-by-side
  • Another deep glimpse into Jesus' view of Love and how it reveals and transforms what we think we're worth.
  • The Practice of the "AND": How to transform any experience into a reflection on deep love
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