TRIBE is an unaffiliated Jesus Outpost, where people of any faith background or church affiliation can explore the ancient magic of the Jesus Way and its timeless framework for holistic living.  

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Holistic living doesn't happen by accident and cultural Christianity, while creating safe zones of familiarity for people of faith, has provided little in the way of deep reflection on the timeless way that Jesus renovates hearts and lives.  

TRIBE is a place for those disenfranchised with performance Christianity and looking for a place to dig deeper, ask harder and connect more honestly than they've experienced elsewhere.  Our EAT + TALK + GROW philosophy is simple: Food has been a central feature of faith development for centuries, so we eat together. This feeds our souls and our stomachs, making way for the rest of the evening.  We then break open the Scriptures and work our way through what they are saying, what we thought they said (and didn't) and what that means for who we are, who God is, and what is the Gospel worth Living in between.  

TRIBE is not a spectator sport, its an engagement of the Mind and the Heart and if a fresh way of exploring holistic living is what you are looking for, TRIBE may be your place.

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