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CONFLICT: The World Is Wide Enough

Part of having a Culture, a place where who you are has effect is to live with CONFLICT.  We are not here to wipe it away, dream of utopias where it wouldn’t exist, or to pretend that there’s a kumbaya available to us where we all see eye to eye.  Our cultures are products of our stories… the wounds we’ve experienced and the passions which drive us into life.  They are the public face of a very private and mysterious heart.  And because no two cultures are the same, the proximity between them creates conflict.  

In fact, we are not even here to study the communication strategies by which to mitigate.  We are to LISTEN IN. Listen to the voice of Jesus and how He said His followers would be able to handle their adversaries and listen to the conflict itself as it draws us into the foundations of our HEART.

CONFLICT Manuscript - Luke 6:27-39

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